Does Marketing ROI Exist?

Have you asked yourself these questions: How many leads are needed to hit my new business sales quota? What should I spend on marketing this year? What is my website traffic really worth? Was exhibiting at that tradeshow really worth it? How can I find more customers like my best? If so, this toolbox is for you. These 5 custom calculators & templates are built to be updated with your own data and provide answers specific to your business.

The Toolbox Includes:
  • Desired Revenue Conversion Calculator - Determine how many cold, qualified & hot leads are needed to hit your business's desired sales growth.
  • Marketing Budget Calculator - Determine how much to spend and where to spend it by entering your business type & annual revenue.
  • Website Conversion Calculator - Determine how your search engine rankings translate into leads & new business.
  • Tradeshow ROI Calculator - Determine tradeshow ROI by entering all show-related expenses and results.
  • Persona Profile Mapping Template - Increase leads & ROI with relevant messaging & targeting by mapping the demographic & psychographic commonalities of your ideal customers.